With an impressive track record spanning over 15 years, Steven Edward stands as the esteemed authority in the realm of lakefront real estate. His affinity for waterfront properties traces its roots to his upbringing amidst a family cottage nestled along the shores of Caseville, Michigan—a passion that has remained steadfast throughout his journey.

Steven's foray into the real estate arena was catalyzed by his departure from a distinguished career as a Design Engineer at General Motors, where he transitioned into the art of home flipping. It didn't take long for him to discern the singular allure of lakefront residences, thus igniting his profound dedication to the industry. This dedication, coupled with an unwavering work ethic, has positioned him as an in-demand luminary in the domain of lakefront real estate.

At the core of Steven's success lies his unwavering commitment to personalized service. He comprehends that each lakefront property boasts its own distinctive charm and character, and thus, he invests time in truly comprehending the desires of his discerning clientele. His portfolio boasts an impressive spectrum of residences, ranging from intimate cabins to opulent estates.

Beyond mere transactions, Steven's weekends are predominantly spent in the enchanting environs of Lake Saint Clair, where he nurtures enduring relationships with past clients and cultivates friendships anew.

Steven Edward is unequivocally your foremost advocate for a life by the lakefront and the individual to engage when seeking to accomplish your objectives in this locale. Possessing unparalleled expertise, unswerving dedication, and an unwavering ardor for waterfront homes, he endeavors to assist his clients in realizing their dream lakefront sanctuary—whether for weekend retreats or permanent abodes.